Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey folks

So I’ve been reading around about bringing high traffic to a website/ blog. What I've understood is that if a blog does not really have a focus topic, generally it will attract very little traffic. That sort of killed me! But then again this blog may not have a specific topic but it targets a specific type of person. So hopefully that will be enough to attract some decent traffic.

I recently added a link under each post, which allows you to email a certain posts to your friends and family. Please do so if you enjoy what you read, it will help bring traffic. Also feel free to comment on any posts.


Acid Rain

In general 'clear' rain (unpolluted) will have a pH of around 5.6, if the pH drops bellow this, it is considered acid rain or acid precipitation. The problem with this is that acid destroys everything over a long period of time.
Water; A polluted water source is no use to anyone or anything. When a lake becomes acidic, organisms depending on this lake for survival will eventually either be forced to leave of die. These organisms are needed to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Plants and trees are also greatly affected by Acid rain. The acid breaks down the waxy coating around the leaves, which then allows acid to enter the leaves's cell. This suffocates the leaves and enables it to consume the needed levels of CO2 gas. In the long run this kills the trees and can wipe out forests. This ties in with my post on global warming. With less trees consuming CO2 gas, more CO2 gas will accumulate in our atmosphere quicker than we anticipated. Just be aware.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Why is Google called 'Google'

The goal of Sergey Brin and Larry page (the Google founders) was to create a search engine that could hold the entire world wide web, and to make it accessible extremely quickly to the public. The name Google comes from ‘googol’, which is a very large number; a 1 followed by one hundred '0's. They had to modify the spelling since was already taken.

If you use Google frequently you would have noticed how they often play around with the logo, this is one of the things that makes Google 'friendly' and somewhat welcoming. Here is an example of the Google logo modified for Halloween:

"Now you can search the equivalent of a stack of paper more than 70 miles high in less then half a second...- we think that's pretty cool." Larry Page

Ironic Titanic.

In 1898 Morgan Robertson wrote a short novel called the Wreck of the Titan. He described the journey of an unsinkable luxurious ship known as the Titan. He described it as the following- ‘the titan was 800 feet long, weighed 75,000 tons, had three propellers and 24 lifeboats and was packed with rich passengers. Cruising at 25 knots the Titan's hull was ripped apart when it hit and iceberg in April. Most of the passengers were lost because there weren't enough lifeboats.’

Now for what happened to the Titanic fourteen years later (1912):

The Titanic was considered the safest ship afloat. It was 882.5 feet long, weighed 66,000 tons and had three propellers. Along with 22 lifeboats and carried many rich passengers. Late on the night of April 14, the ship hit an iceberg sailing at 23 knots. The iceberg tore a hole in its hull and upended the ship. Over 1,500 people died because there weren’t enough lifeboats.

Taken from 'the biggest ever bathroom reader'.

Why do people threaten each other?

Have you ever really given thought to this?
While reading one of Paulo Coelho's books, I came to realization that ultimately a person only threatens another when they feel the situation is getting out of their hands. For this reason it is most likely to be the 'higher ranked' person such as an older brother, boss or teacher who threatens another.

Think about it... It makes sense.

Cool Ads

This is just a post of some of the coolest ads I've come across in the past few months:

Tell me which one you like best!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

When I was your age, we had blue skies.

Some of you may choose to believe Global warming is a made up fantasy, I'm not here to challenge your believes. I personally find that global warming is a representation and human’s selfishness and lack of appreciation for existence here on earth.

The greatest cause of global warming is the increase levels of accumulated CO2 gas in the atmosphere. Not only are we releasing way too much of this gas in our atmosphere, but we are also cutting down forest and polluting water sources. We cut down the equivalent to a soccer field size of forestland every other second. In addition, water (the ocean mostly) currently absorbs up to 1/3 of all the CO2 gas we release, but here’s the problem: cold water is better at doing this than warm...that other 2/3 not being absorbed is heating the planet causing the oceans are heating up as well and therefore absorbing less and less CO2. This also makes the water more acidic and therefore kills much of the life undersea.

To the north of Canada, a huge chunk of the ice cap melted in the past decade forming a gateway, instead of this proving to humanity that things are starting to get out of hands, some major companies viewed this newly formed gateway as an opportunity to transport goods faster. That makes me feel kind of weird inside. There’s so much more greatness in life than money. Money is only one form of richness.

I hope that someday-human kind as one can come to respecting the beauty of the world, whatever beauty there may be left.