Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Acid Rain

In general 'clear' rain (unpolluted) will have a pH of around 5.6, if the pH drops bellow this, it is considered acid rain or acid precipitation. The problem with this is that acid destroys everything over a long period of time.
Water; A polluted water source is no use to anyone or anything. When a lake becomes acidic, organisms depending on this lake for survival will eventually either be forced to leave of die. These organisms are needed to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Plants and trees are also greatly affected by Acid rain. The acid breaks down the waxy coating around the leaves, which then allows acid to enter the leaves's cell. This suffocates the leaves and enables it to consume the needed levels of CO2 gas. In the long run this kills the trees and can wipe out forests. This ties in with my post on global warming. With less trees consuming CO2 gas, more CO2 gas will accumulate in our atmosphere quicker than we anticipated. Just be aware.

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