Sunday, June 8, 2008

When I was your age, we had blue skies.

Some of you may choose to believe Global warming is a made up fantasy, I'm not here to challenge your believes. I personally find that global warming is a representation and human’s selfishness and lack of appreciation for existence here on earth.

The greatest cause of global warming is the increase levels of accumulated CO2 gas in the atmosphere. Not only are we releasing way too much of this gas in our atmosphere, but we are also cutting down forest and polluting water sources. We cut down the equivalent to a soccer field size of forestland every other second. In addition, water (the ocean mostly) currently absorbs up to 1/3 of all the CO2 gas we release, but here’s the problem: cold water is better at doing this than warm...that other 2/3 not being absorbed is heating the planet causing the oceans are heating up as well and therefore absorbing less and less CO2. This also makes the water more acidic and therefore kills much of the life undersea.

To the north of Canada, a huge chunk of the ice cap melted in the past decade forming a gateway, instead of this proving to humanity that things are starting to get out of hands, some major companies viewed this newly formed gateway as an opportunity to transport goods faster. That makes me feel kind of weird inside. There’s so much more greatness in life than money. Money is only one form of richness.

I hope that someday-human kind as one can come to respecting the beauty of the world, whatever beauty there may be left.


Anonymous said...

Really interesting subject & I'm glad to hear that you have such a mature attitude towards this issue!I would like you to give us suggestions how to safe the planet. What do you do every day to make it different? I do share the same concerns as you and even if I try to make my best I'm sure I can do much more. M. Asselin

Anonymous said...

Man, you've been at it only since June 4th ! This should be interesting to follow - keep at it and take care of YOUR earth -

Tonton Laval