Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dope Wars (facebook version)

I've been playing this game of Facebook called 'Dope Wars'. I think it’s worth looking into since there are constantly about 3,000 players online. The Goal of the game is to deal dope (or fight other dealers) to come up with the greatest sum of cash you can.

You receive a lot of freedom in this game to a grow your own dope, buy/sell where you want around the world (total of 17 available cities to deal in- each city has different kinds of 'local dope'.) Along with this, each city in general consists of 3-5 turfs (which are areas to deal dope). You can become part of a cartel (a group of dealers), and try to put your cartel name on as many turfs as you can. All right this was just a quick intro. now I’ll get deeper in the game.
Here what I’ll look into (by sections):
1. The beginning
2. Fight club
3. Dope Lab
4. Cartels
5. Workers
6. Completing Missions
7. Other ways of making cash
8. Local dope (where you can find it)

1) The Begining
By far the hardest part of the game is when you start off with limited cash and no guns. For newbies I would recommend to go to the Ghetto in New York and deal weed there. You can buy it for as low as $10 here and sell it at as high as $200 (although lately it has only been going up to around $130). Simply refresh the page after you buy and you will see a price change. Dealing weed will offer you the greatest % increase you can get in this game. So why not deal weed ALL THE TIME? Well its because you have limited storage space, I believe you start off with 100 bags of storage. You can later upgrade it a few time to the highest possible storage facility allowing you 16,000 bags of storage. So lets say you buy 100 bags of weed at $10 and sell it off at $120, you'll make $11,000 profit! Making cash in this game is the easiest thing in the world. Making BIG is not so easy and a lot more time consuming. I have currently hit my first trillion, and there are quite a few players out there with significantly more cash than me.

I recommend you join a cartel as well, this will help you get cheaper prices. Probably join a large one such as 'Dope Ultimatum' or 'Revolution' since they are the biggest ones out there (with 95,000 and 11,000 members respectively.) This way you benefit from owning Turfs. Owning a turf will give you 5% discount on all dope sold at this turf, its a nice way to make that little bit more cash out of dealing.
When starting off, do not waste cash on blings or whatever since you are very limited in it. Wait until you have a few millions to do so. You should, on the other hand buy at least a few guns at the store to increase your chance of fighting off the cops. If the cops bust you, they will take half the cash you have 'on hand' along with half the dope you were trafficking (if any). Be smart about it!

2) Fight Club
One of the most 'unsafe' ways to make money in this game is through fight club. There are two cities where you can access fight club. You enter through either one, it leads to the same place. In fight club you will probably find around 10 other dealers at any one time (Depending on your net worth, since you can only fight people within a certain margin of your net worth).
Its simple: the more guns you have, the higher chance you have of winning a fight.

In fight club you can only ever make 10% of either the cash you hand of the cash the dealer you are fighting has on hand (which ever one is less). I recommend storing most of your cash as 'raw materials' in the dope lab (which can be cashed back anytime) so that at least it is safe. You can only lose what you come into fight club with. I have made up to 4 billion in one fight, but other times I found myself getting washed by other fighters. I think its fair for you to tell yourself that there will be at least ONE other dealer stronger than you in fight club, with this thought in might just make sure someone isn’t sucking money out of you without you realizing it. Keep an eye out for this since a dealer can fight another dealer more than once.
You can win decent money in fight club, but I would only recommend it early to middle stages of the game. It becomes too unreliable later on.

3) Dope Lab
Your dope lab is the one greatest tool for generating those billions. Originally your dope lab will grow dope in 24 hours, through the 4 or so upgrades, you can bring this down to 1 hour. I recommend that you focus on upgrading your storage (a couple times) before you begging using your dope lab; you need some decent amount of cash to really use it to its full potential. What makes the dope lab so great is that you can grow ST 8Drops (an example of the 26 different kind of dope you can grow) for $10,000/bag. Once it is grown, if you look around well enough you’ll be able to sell it at over $21,000/bag. That’s an $11,000 profit per bag!

It gets better, lets say your storage space is 100, the dope lab multiplies that by 10, so you can grow 1000 bags at a time. Just like if you have the largest storage space you can grow 160,000 bags at a time. Lets look at some numbers...

1,000 bags x 10,000 = $10,000,000 (your total cost to grow. aka raw materials)
if you sell for $21,000 a bag...
1,000 bags x 21,000 = $21,000,000 - $10,000,000
=$11,000,000 profit.
Not bad. And this is with the lowest storage space possible. Once you have done growing your dope, you can move it to your inventory (where it can be sold off). Once it is moved out of your dope lab, you can beginning growing a new batch of it (without having to sell what you just moved into your inventory.) In this way to can accumulate thousands if not millions of dope bags before you sell it all off (I believe there is not limit as to how much you can store in this manner).

4) Cartels
I recommend you join a cartel or start one of your own. If your cartel wins turfs, you'll get a 5% discount on all dope sold on these turfs for as long as no other cartels fight you off that turf. Also it is often easier to get folks to work for you if you are in the same cartel, you may do each other favors which benefits both of you (such as taking up $1 jobs.)
Many cartels also have boards with tones of tips. It’s a great way to learn more about the game.

There is also something about winning cash and dope if you win turfs but I think that varies from cartel to cartel.

5) Hire Workers
You will find that everyone who has trillions has gotten that through hiring workers. The benefit of hiring workers is that you get more storage space which, then mean you can grow a lot more dope and deal a lot more too. To hire workers, you will need a lot of cash, so this is not really an option for beginners, it is even hard for mid-way players (those with caps in the low billions).
Here is a list of how much you benefit from the storage depending on the rank of the worker:

  • Hustlers (+100 bags storage)
  • Street Sharks (+500 bags storage)
  • Dealers (+1000 bags storage)
  • Distributors (+1600 bags storage)
  • World Distributors (+2500 bags storage)
  • Cartel Generals (+4000 bags storage)
  • Cartel Bosses (+6000 bags storage)
  • Crooked Dictators (+8000 bags storage)

The higher rank, the more you will have to pay to hire them. The ultimate way to get thousands of workers is by offering the highest pay on the job boards. This will mean paying around 22 billion for a Cartel General, for example. You can also invite friends; you get 500 more storage space per friend you invite (there is a limit as to how many you can invite per day). Note that you hire dealers for one day only.

Another method for lower players to get workers is through spamming on the 'what up' discussions boards found on every turfs and the city pages. This is extremely competitive and nowhere near as effective as paying the highest on the job board. If you want to try, place your ‘advertisement' on the Ghetto and New York Wall. It can still provide 30-40 workers easy if you go about it the right way. Also this way you end up paying much less for workers.

6) Completing Missions
You may do up to 2 missions in one day. Completing a mission will give you 2% of your estimate net worth. Be sure to refresh your net worth before you begin a mission so that you get your full 2%. It is a great way to make that extra bit everyday. Most missions take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

7) Other Ways to Make Cash
The casino:
I have heard of a couple people making significant money in the casino so I tried it myself. First I played Texas Holdem and I won 1 hand of 5, giving me just over 2 billion (since I raised to 1B on the last card). I found this boring and inconsistent. Plus the amount you can make is extremely limited. The computer always seamed to have the one card needed, which I found lame.

I then tried the slot machines going in with 10k at first. I lost about 10 times, so then i tried going witha million at a time, I lost another 5-6 times. Until finally I won. It gave me 80X my million (80 million), I still found that this was way too time consuming. Feel free to try it out though.

8) Local Dope
This list looks at where you can deal the three main different kinds of local dope (ST8 Drops, mexian brown Heroin and White Widow).

ST 8Drops: New York, Dubai, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, London,

Mexican Brown Heroin: Capre Town, Lost Angeles, Moscow, Toronto

White Widow: Shanghai, Freetown, Sydney, Bogota,


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